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Case Study: Example Marketing – Vodafone Sure Signal & Office 365


The Challenge

Having both worked in marketing roles for over 10 years for numerous companies, Emma & Gavin decided to put their wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to the test and set up their own marketing and web design agency ‘Example Marketing’.

With a dedication and passion for supporting and improving local businesses, marketing efforts, it was key that Example Marketing had a strong communications solution in place to:

  • Receive new business enquiries
  • Grow existing business relationships
  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Deliver marketing projects within guaranteed timeframes through better ways of working

It was important for Example Marketing to keep overheads to a minimum so they could keep prices competitive. Running the business from their home in rural Norfolk presented the problem of poor mobile phone signal across all the major networks.

The Solution

Vodafone Sure Signal

Example Marketing’s prime aim was to source a solution that would eradicate the concern of missed business opportunities by boosting their mobile phone signal at their home office.

With their business mobiles utilising the Vodafone network we proposed that ‘Example Marketing’ invested in the Vodafone Sure Signal solution for a simple one off cheap payment. This small device plugs into a broadband connection and boosts mobile signal around the home or office.


Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Hosted Solution

With new business request exceeding expectations, Example Marketing soon needed to look at smarter ways of working and managing increased workload without having to take on more man power to meet important client campaign deadlines.

The Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Hosted Solution enabled both Gavin and Emma to work smart giving the ability to access documents and emails anytime, anywhere when visiting clients or making use of valuable travelling time between clients.

The Result

Vodafone Sure Signal

Within 24 hours of setting up Vodafone Sure Signal in their home office, Example Marketing experienced huge improvements in mobile signal resulting in:

  • Full mobile signal when previously they had no service or only one bar
  • The ability to receive and make calls from their mobiles while at home when before the call would not have connected
  • Significantly reduced risk of lost incoming calls resulting in existing clients and new businesses making contact at the first attempt
  • Virtually no risk to missing out on new business opportunities.

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Hosted Solution

As a marketing agency it is vitally important that Example Marketing meets it clients’ deadlines.

Office 365 lets Gavin & Emma work smarter and be more efficient, enhancing their already excellent customer experience along with expanding their customer base by not having to turn away new business opportunities because they do not have the resources to do so.

Some of the ways Example Marketing are benefiting from the Office 365 cloud hosted software are:

  • The ability to access emails, documents and artwork anytime, anywhere on multiple devices while out on business
  • Shareing of design files to clients across a hosted environment eradicating the issue of large files not being able to transfer between business mailboxes
  • Presenting artwork and design concepts to clients via webinars (online demonstrations), saving time when necessary on travelling between clients, resulting in more time at the home office on other projects
  • Being able to work smarter and be more efficient has resulted in repeat customer projects and the ability to take on increased new business requests, growing Example Marketing’s client base
person_icon_whiteWe live and run our business from a rural location in Norfolk. Without Sure Signal, we’d have very limited mobile reception on any network which would make running a business next to impossible. With Sure Signal, we know we’ll have full signal in our home and office meaning our clients can always reach us. The service has always been really reliable; we wouldn’t be without it.

The introduction of office 365 to the business has enabled us to be more efficient with our time so we don’t have to turn away the amazing demand we have had from new businesses asking for our services. This is key to the success and future of our business.

Gavin Raines - Example Marketing
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