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Can your broadband handle the pressure?

Whether you are a sole trader, SME or large corporate organisation a reliable and high performance broadband and connectivity solution is now essential for a successful business.
With improved efficiencies and cost savings owed to hosted technology and cloud storage, there are more reasons than ever to make sure your broadband and connectivity is up to the task.


How long could your business cope without…

CRM Systems
IT Hosted (Office 365)
Telephone System
Video Conferencing
CCTV – Alarms
PDQ Machine


Is your connectivity solution ready for the traditional phone line switch off?

The announcement of the planned ISDN switch off means your traditional business phone system will need to run across your broadband/data circuit via SIP. If your business is not already benefiting from the cost reductions, enhanced efficiencies, flexibility and security features of a SIP hosted telephony solution then you are already playing catch up!


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Find out what broadband options are available where you are


Connectivity solutions for every business scenario

With an extensive portfolio of broadband solutions all supplied by tier one carriers, Comm-Tech have the tools to deliver reliable and superfast solutions to meet your business needs. Whether that’s a simple ADSL/2+ or FTTC connection, or a scalable and future-proof EFM or Leased Line (DIA), our Fixed Line Service Team will provide the highest levels of support and advice 24/7/365.

Asymmetric digital subscriber line
ADSL uses conventional copper cables. Distance to your local exchange may affect speed.


Suitable for…

Small businesses and home users.

Fibre to the Cabinet
Still uses the traditional copper channels but involves shorter distances – increasing speeds.


Suitable for…

Small businesses and home users requiring to transfer larger amounts of data.

Ethernet First Mile
A smaller version of a leased line, this symmetrical service is supplied over copper.


Suitable for…

Small to medium enterprises requiring guaranteed bandwith and service levels.

Leased Line
A large and scalable symmetric data pipe which can be tailored to your business requirements.


Suitable for…

Medium to large enterprises requiring guaranteed bandwith and service levels using large amounts of data.


Why use Comm-Tech?

Totally Unlimited
Business Grade
FREE static I.P
FREE pre-configured router
FREE installation
Tier 1 carriers
Dedicated account management
In-house provisioning & fault team
24/7/365 support
30 years industry experience
Converged comms specialist
Consultative approach

NOTE: Speeds listed are maximum possible speeds. Actual speeds are determined by infrastructure, line quality and distance from the exchange.